LBA AD Number TN Number Subject Urgency Download Link
301-1 Additional glass cloth strip in aft fuselage section, SN 6 and up to and including SN 35 Deutsch
301-2 Repositioning of air-brakes, SN 6 and up Deutsch
301-3 Improvement of wing suspension, SN 6 and up Deutsch
301-4 Improvement of air-brake actuating linkage SN 7 and up Deutsch
301-5  Installation of drogue chute (Test with BS 1000) SN 7 only Deutsch
301-6 Installation of elevator trim on LH side of fuselage SN 7 and up Deutsch
301-7 Improvement of swivel bearings from GL12 to GL14 SN 11 and up Deutsch
301-8 Reinforcement of fuselage structure All SN’s Deutsch
301-9 Not published
301-10 Improvement of gear actuation locking mechanism, SN 11 and up Deutsch
301-11 Modification of airbrake pivoting arm, SN 14 and up Deutsch
301-12 Modification of aileron push-pull rod inside the wing SN 14 and up Deutsch
301-13 Optional installation of a tail wheel Deutsch
301-14 Optional installation of a drogue chute BS1300 Deutsch
301-15 Installation of ground straps, all SN 31/3/1966 Deutsch
301-16 Improved bonding procedure of fuselage, SN 19 and up Deutsch
301-17 Adjustable horizontal stabilizer, SN 20 and up Deutsch
301-18 Change of root rip construction SN 27 and up Deutsch
301-19 Alteration of aileron actuating lever SN 31 and up Deutsch
301-20 Modification of elevator actuation system SN 20 and up Deutsch
301-21 Replacement of fuselage stringers with hollow profiles SN 36 and up Deutsch
301-22 Modification of ailerons SN 42 and up Deutsch
301-23 Installation of cable deflectors on c/g tow release, all SN’s Deutsch English
301-24 Modification of wing Tipps, SN 54 and up Deutsch
301-25 Installation of locking guide for elevator assembly, SN 2 up to and incl. 85 Deutsch English
301-26 Improved elevator actuating bracket, SN 86 and up Latest 31/8/1968 Deutsch
301-27 Wear of rudder control cables in the area of S-shaped guides of rudder pedals Every 100 hours or annually Deutsch English
301-28 Sealing of flap control lever for standard class contests English
301-29 Color coding scheme: affixing of different/additional colors. German registered sailplanes Deutsch
301-30 Reinforcement of elevator actuating bracket Before next flight, latest 29/2/1976 Deutsch English
301-31 Elevator linkage at base of the control stick Deutsch English
301-32 Extension of service life limit to 6000 hours 31/3/1984/ when reaching 3000 hours Deutsch English
87-83 301-33 Replacement of “DIN” control cables by “LN” cables Every 500 hours Deutsch English
301-34 Elevator drive bracket: Possibility of replacement by elevator drive bracket according to drawing No. 201-33-4 Deutsch English
301-35 Tow releases: Optional use of model E85 instead of E72/E75 Deutsch English
96-131 301-36 Inspection of glass fiber laminate on spar stub fitting Annually Deutsch English
96-137 301-37 Control surface weight and static balance Until 31/3/1996 Deutsch English
301-38 Replacement of airbrake drive gear inside wing, optional Deutsch English
D-2005-118 301-39 Rudder gimbal drive – rear actuator arm Until 31/7/2005 Deutsch English
301-40 Installation of Mode-S-Transponder and Transponder Antennas Deutsch English
301-41 Spar stub fitting replacement, standardisation of fittings Deutsch English
301-42 Increase of maximum mass Deutsch English
301-43 Optional installation of a 4-inch-wheel with a hydraulic disc brake system English
301-44 Optional installation of a new backrest with integrated headrest Deutsch English