Special Projects


A project started by Hanko and Christian Streifeneder in 1994, a dream to create a new Standard Class glider without compromise in terms of performance, safety and appearance. After spending too long on the backburner, we would love to get this in the air, but as a personal project, finding the time can be difficult.

Albatros Gallery


With the Nimeta, we helped fulfilled Bruno Gantenbrink’s wish to have a single seater ETA when he was left with an extra set of wings. Bruno was interested to get even more performance by having a smaller fuselage for only himself. We discussed the options to use a modified Nimbus 4 fuselage with a new tail and the ETA wing and so Bruno performed the maiden flight of the Nimeta (the name is from Nimbus + ETA)  21/07/2009 after 2 years of development.

The next step in the development was a new outer wing panel without the for the original ETA typical extended cord between the inner and outer aileron. The control system in the wing had been redesigned for better handling and stiffness. The first flight with the new wing was done on the 29/6/2017 from the airfield Mengen, again by Bruno.

Nimeta Gallery

Electric Libelle

The desire to have a self-launcher is not new but to use an old glider to do this is a bit unusual . With the Standard Libelle we had a well known platform and as the TC holder we have all the documents and rights to start this interesting project. To keep the development simple we decided to use as many well tested parts as possible and use a standard configuration with a retracting motor and propellor. After having the controller overheating on longer climbs and with a bigger controller expiring radio interference problems we are changing the controller and electrical installation at the moment and will hopefully continuing with the flight test program again soon.

Electric Libelle Gallery


The Concordia is an open class glider developed by a group of engineers and Dick Butler and built by Dick in Tennessee USA. In addition to producing the wing moulds, we supported this project at various stages of construction through assistance and technology transfer. The first flight took place in 2012 and Dick still flies it from home and competitions every chance he gets.

The Concordia Story
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Concordia Gallery

Skyrace GP – Leeton, Australia

We are very proud to be a sponsor, supporter and participant in the Skyrace GP since its inception in 2017.  Christian and his Australian wife, Sarah enjoy attending with their extended family, the Gilberts.

Website and Facebook page. The competition is held annually in Leeton, NSW, Australia after Christmas or New Year.  Make sure you check out their state of the art live tracking with the GP format.  Overseas visitors are welcome and help for glider hire is available.

Skyrace GP Gallery

Airbus BLADE (“Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe” )

After having done various gloves for laminar projects, Airbus approached us to be part of the BLADE project. The first stage was to reprofile the right hand wing panel to make it laminar up to 60 % on the upper surface. Some gloves had special imperfections added with tolerances of 0.1 mm over the complete surface to check the possibility of laminarity in flight. Gloves were manufactured in Grabenstetten and installed on an Airbus A340 at Trabes, France.

BLADE Explained – YouTube
First Flight – YouTube
First Flight report by Airbus

Airbus “BLADE” Gallery


The Votec was a private project for Christian and Hanko Streifeneder. After several Extra 300’s came through their workshop, the desire grew to own such an aircraft, but it should be affordable and not have the weak points in the construction. In the beginning, the drawings of the DR107 One Design were studied and contact with Max Vogelsang was made, who brought in valuable changes to the original design, developed by chance. By consistently revising the design and construction, such as the manufacture of the wing and tail unit in carbon fibre, an empty weight of only 425 kg instead of 490 kg was achieved. This results in a weight/performance ratio of an Extra but with a significantly more economical 4-cylinder engine with the same flight performance and fun. The aircraft is based in Tannheim in the Bravo-Lima formation hangar.

Votec Gallery


The plastic parts for the prototype of the BMW Z1 were made in Grabenstetten in 1986-87. A complete body and 3 floor groups were made of GRP. The plastic parts for the prototype weighed only 57 kg. This project had to be completed in a very short timeframe as it was to be presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW Z1 Gallery