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  • Winglets for the Mosquito now approved and available (TN303-27)

    Winglets for the Mosquito now approved (TM303-27)

    After many requests, we have now developed and approved winglets for the Mosquito. Since the Mosquito is definitely an option in the new club class, we have adapted the winglets of the 304 to the Mosquito as part of product maintenance and further development.
    A real eye-catcher for your Mosquito and an improvement in flight characteristics and performance:
    • The minimum speed is lower
    • The directional stability is better
    • The stall behavior in straight flight and in circling flight is less critical
    • The aileron reaction is also improved during takeoff and landing
    • Improved aerodynamics and performance
    Enclosed is the first experience report from Wolfgang Beyer (here)

    We are now pleased to be able to offer this option to Mosquito lovers.

    You can find more information in our shop (link)

    • New Products for Libelle and Standard Libelle
    • YouTube Channel Alert

      Christian Walliser, a member of our team, has a great YouTube channel


    • Glasflügel Fly-in - Tannheim - June 2023

      The next Glasflügel Fly-in will be held at Flugplatz Tannheim, Germany.

      For more information, Please Visit

    • Brand New Winglets for the Standard Libelle, Hornet & Club Libelle..................... Glasflügel Winglets NG

      We are proud to offer our updated Winglets NG.  With a new striking shape and updated technology, you will be the envy of your friends with these on your tips.

      More Information HereA Review from Felix Losberger

    • Update on the Electric Libelle

      We have been thrilled with the test flights we have performed, but there were some hurdles to overcome that are harder than expected.  We have employed the services of several experts to provide a controller that will reduce temperatures and increase the run time of the engine.  Correcting these caused unacceptable interference.  We are still passionate about this project and when we have a product ready for sale we will shout it from the rooftops!  The fastest way to be updated is to follow us on Facebook.

    • Glasfaser Flug-Service Celebrates 40 years!

      In February, 2022, we celebrated 40 years since Glasfaser Flug-Service was started by Hanko Streifeneder with Barbara.  Today, Hanko and his son, Christian run the business together with their team.