Technical Notes - Glasflügel 304 (does not include 304b & cz)

Abweiswinkel an der Schwerpunktkupplung
Verwendung eines Ringpaars gem. LN 65091

LBA AD Number TN Number Subject Urgency Download Link
304-1 Deviation of French registered gliders from German type certification Deutsch English
84-11 304-2 Possible damage of wing structure with water ballast bags installed. Revision of flight manual Before 1/5/1984 Deutsch English
88-28 304-3 Elevator drive bracket: replacement or reinforcement Before 30/4/1988 Deutsch English
88-281 304-4 Extension of service life limit to 6000 hours When reaching 3000 hours/before 31/5/1989 Deutsch English
304-5 Elevator drive bracket: Possibility of replacement by elevator drive bracket acc. to drawing No. 201-33-4 Deutsch English
304-6 Tow releases: Optional use of model E85 instead of E72/E75 Deutsch English
304-7 Minimum instrumentation (optional) Deutsch
304-8 Modification of brake system to brake disk Deutsch
2000-318 304-9 Extension of service life limit to 12000 hours When reaching 6000 hours/before 31/12/2000 Deutsch English
2003-005 304-10 Replacement of aft rudder gimbal drive – rear actuator arm Before 31/3/2003 Deutsch English
304-11 Installation of Mode-S-Transponder and Transponder Antennas Deutsch English
EASA AS  2011-213 304-12 Inspection / replacement of elevator control rod in vertical fin 30 days/before 31/12/2012 Deutsch English
304-13 Optional installation of Winglets (in preparation)
304-13-E Optional modification of the wing tip to operate the sailplane with the original tips or winglets English
2018-0143-E 5-2018 Deflector-angles at the C.G. release
Usage of connection ring pair meeting LN 65091
Annual Inspection Deutsch English