Standard Libelle (201)

The Standard Libelle is a modified version of the open H 301 Libelle, tailored to the rules of the Standard Class. The fuselage and the tail units were taken over almost unchanged and also the double trapezoidal wing remained almost unchanged in its dimensions. New for the first time at Glasflügel is a Wortmann profile, namely the FX66-17 A ll-182, which was designed by Dieter Althaus especially for Glasflügel and later also used in the Club Libelle and the Hornet.

The first aircraft still have the fixed wheel originally prescribed for the standard class and the first 16 Standard Libelles had as an interesting detail a fin trim in the style of motor aircraft (PA18 or Do27), which did not find the mercy of the Federal Aviation Authority.

Later, the construction method was changed, in favour of balsa wood hard foam was used as a sandwich support material. A retractable landing gear and water tanks were provided. The Schemp-Hirth flaps also only open on the upper side of the wing. This series with the designation Standard Libelle 201B then also has a higher payload and a maximum flying weight of 350 kg.

For a long time, the Standard Libelle was the plastic glider with the largest number of pieces. A total of 600 Standard Libelles were built between 1967 and 1974. The Standard Libelle was mainly exported, because in Germany it ranked in the numbers behind the Standard Cirrus and the LS-1 as well as behind the Astir.

The cockpit of the Standard Libelle is a bit cramped, but a lot has been done for the comfort of the pilot. Also interesting is the hood lock, which allows the hood at the front of the fuselage to stand up even during the flight on very hot days.

Huldreich Müller carried out the maiden flight on 25 October 1967 in Ulm-Schwaighofen.  The Protype is flying north of Stuttgart in Southern Germany.

The Libelle has had some famous pilots over the years, including Neil Armstong, Barron Hilton, William Conrad and Werner Von Braun.


Wingspan                         15.00 m
Surface Area                    9.80 m²
Aspect Ratio                    22.96
Profile                               FX66-17AII-182
Length                              6.20 m

Empty Weight                                  180 kg
Maximum Cockpit Weight             110 kg
Maximum Gross Weight                290 kg

Maximum Speed                              220 km/h
Stall Speed                                         62 km/h

Minimum sink at  81 km/h              0.68 m/s
Best Glide at 92 km/h                      34,5