Club Libelle (205)

A total of 171 Club Libelles were built between 1973 and 1976.

The design was primarily aimed for use in clubs. Although initially hoping this glider would be popular in Club Class, Glasflügel were not able to produce the glider within the price limit at the time. The wing comes from the Standard Libelle, but for the first time in a larger series trailing edge brake flaps were used in production aircraft construction. The high-mounted wings and T-tail offered greater protection during outlandings.

For cost reasons, a short, rear hinged canopy and a non-retractable, but sprung wheel were chosen. Trim and parallelogram sticks were taken from the Kestrel. Two separate couplings for winch and aircraft towing were installed as standard.

The prototype with the registration D-9229 made its maiden flight on the 14th of September 1973 with Johannes Renner in Saulgau. After flight testing, the angle of adjustment of the wing was changed again.

The Prototype went to Yugoslavia many years ago. If you know of its current whereabouts, please get in touch.


Wingspan                         15.00 m
Surface Area                    9.80 m²
Profile                               FX 66-K-17
Length                              6.40 m

Empty Weight                                  225 kg
Maximum Cockpit Weight             110 kg
Maximum Gross Weight                350 kg
Maximum Wing Loading               32-35.7 kg/m²

Maximum Speed                              200 km/h
Stall Speed                                         67 km/h

Minimum sink at  75 km/h              0.60 m/s
Best Glide at 97 km/h                      35