Glasflügel 304

The Glasflügel 304 is based on the
Mosquito, the glider it succeeded. Development began in Autumn 1979 under the direction of Martin Hansen, who was instrumental in the construction of the SB-11 at Akaflieg Braunschweig.  The first flight of the 304, registration D-9304, took place in May 1980.

What was new on the Glasflügel 304 was primarily the double trapezoidal wing with the specially developed flap profile HQ 10-1642. The performance was be improved again, and the best glide ratio was almost 43.

The fuselage and tail are from the Mosquito. Once again, the trailing edge rotary brake flaps were adopted. The cockpit design was completely new with the foldable canopy support and integrated instrument panel, improved seat ergonomics and individual ventilation. The automatic connections for all controls and flaps were standard. You could choose between a 5-inch wheel or a 4-inch wheel for the main landing gear.

In the years 1980 to 1982, 62 were built.

Wingspan                         15.00 m
Surface Area                    9.88 m²
Aspect Ratio                    22.78
Profile                               HQ 010/16.42
Length                              6.40  m

Empty Weight                                  245 kg
Maximum Cockpit Weight             120 kg
Maximum Gross Weight                450 kg
Maximum Wing Loading               44.55 kg/m²

Maximum Speed                              250 km/h
Stall Speed at 310 kg                       66 km/h
Stall Speed at 450 kg                       43 km/h

Minimum sink at 77 km/h             0.53 m/s (at 310 kg)
Minimum sink at 93 km/h             0.69 m/s (at 450 kg)
Best Glide at 96 km/h                    42.7 (at 310 kg)
Best Glide at 93 km/h                    49 (at 450 kg)