Information for Glasflügel owners

Glasflügel Technical Notes

As type certificate holder for all Glasflügel gliders the Technical Notes (TNs) and Airworthiness Directives (ADs) will be released here.

Until the end of 2007 the access to all TNs was free of charge. Because of the increasing officialism of EASA, however, we are charged enormously. Much to our regret we are not able to pay those costs by ourselves anymore and have to pass those costs partly to our customers. For every Glasflügel glider type which we serve, we pay an annual fee and for every Technical Note which we release, we are charged again by EASA. The costs of issuing the Technical Notes becomes more and more expensive. For example, to issue the TNs for transponder installation we had to provide comprehensive evidences. For meeting the EASA requirements it needed more then 100 hours work.

We are committed to “Glasflügel” as well as to our customers and want to hold on the type certificate; because without a type certificate holder these gliders would lose the permit to fly. All parts required under Technical Notes are available from us and come fully certified.

We hope you can understand that we have chosen the following approach: In the future all newly issued TNs will not be free of charge anymore. The TNs will come into force only in connection with a release note. If you want to order this release note from us, please let us know the type of glider, the license number, and depending on the TN some more details. All data will be entered into the release note.

Due to increasing costs, it is no longer possible for us to send Technical Notes by post free of charge. If you required a hard copy, this will cost between €10 and €20 per technical report. The English translation corresponds to the German version.

The German version is always authorative.