Our Team

Hanko and Christian Streifeneder

Christian and his wife, Sarah, with Hanko and his wife, Galina

Hansjörg, Barbara and Christian Streifeneder

Hanko grew up next to an airfield, so his fascination with aircraft started early.  After starting his apprenticeship at Scheibe Flugzeugbau as a Metal Aircraft Builder, and completing at Dornier, he worked at Scheibe before moving to Glasflügel in the 1967.  Hanko also worked for Grob and Rolladen-Schneider before returning to Glasflügel.  During his time with Rolladen-Schneider, he built an LS3 Standard in his spare time which led to the LS4.

Christian was born with a fascination with aircraft and spent much of his childhood building models and was solo in gliders at 16.  After completing an apprenticeship as a Pattern Maker, he joined the family business in 1991.  Even after more than 30 years in the business, Christian is still passionate about aircraft, open to new ideas and technology, and excited about future developments.

Barbara was instrumental in starting and growing the business.  She had also worked for Glasflügel as a Draftsperson during the development of the Standard Libelle and Kestrel, and her name can be found on the Technical Drawings.  Sadly, Barbara passed away from Cancer in 2003.

Barbara and Christian Streifeneder, 1974