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dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Service around glider and motor glider
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Parashute Recovery System
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Service around the airplane
dreieck.jpg (772 Byte) Customized construction
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Customized and prototype construction

On the basis of our long-time experience with reinforced plastic material in the aircraft construction we have been able to adopt those experiences to other areas too. Thus, we are able to offer you our services also in non-aircraft areas such as for the automotive industry or medical technology.

Our small but high-qualified team will help you in word and deed to implement prototypes, customized constructions and small series. We will also not shrink away from serious technical challenges.

Some examples of our previous work:

  • Wind tunnel models
    Production of highly precise wind tunnel models with diverse measurement fixtures such as pressurized measuring cuts, suction valves and heating elements


  • Laminar glove for free flight tests with the experimental vehicle of Airbus A320
    Production of a heatable surface of the fin box, the so-called "glove". We have also dealt with the installation of the measurement technology such as pressurized measuring cuts, temperature sensor and the preparatory works for the installation of the hot film sensors.
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  • Keel finishing for the "Finsco" yacht
    We have manufactured and installed the keel of a new developed carbon fiber yacht. The hull underside has been reinforced with carbon fiber. In the process the fiber cloth has been applied and fixed, finally soaked by means of the injection method. For the installation the yacht has been craned, where the keel (in a vertical position) has been pushed together.


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  • Fabrication of antenna holder for a helicopter satellite telephone
    A customer ordered an antenna holder and the covering of a satellite telephone for his business helicopter type Bell 412. The component itself has been made up of several fiberglass plies. The picture demonstrates the adaptation of the polyurethane mold to the helicopter airframe. 
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  • Production of prototype car body panels
    In 1987, we produced car body panels in GRP material for the prototype of BMW Z1.


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