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  For Glasflügel fans    
New in our Shop      


In grey and white colours,

Size: M-2XL

Glasflügel-Logo-Design,  100% cotton.

15,00 17,85

The Classic-Glasflügel-Kalender 2018 impresses with its historical photographs

Discover 13 exclusive b&w images by well known photographers like Udo H. Wolter and Peter F. Selinger!

High-quality printed b&w wall calendar  A3 landscape format, spiral binding, one calendar page per month and calendar table under images, transport-safe packaging. 

17,65 21,00
The Classic-Glasflügel-Kalender      
The pilot´s coffee mug H101 Salto glider type von der Firma start+flug 8,28 9,85
H 101 Salto coffee mug      

After the Glasflügel Flyin 2016 in Bad Saulgau and in honor of the work of Ursula and Eugen Hänle an illustrated book is now available.

The book captured the spirit of the Flyin and contains the most of the sailplanes which turned up on this event and a list of their owners as well as pictures of of former employees of Glasflügel.

Language: German

42 pages, format 28 x 22 cm, price €38,-


  Super White Mylar

We proudly announce a new generation Mylar seals 

tradition with our new super white Mylar which matches perfectly the color of gliders and motor gliders with as well as the advantage of better bonding.

Test our new super white Mylar!

     Log book cover with     Glasflügel-logo,
    6 inside covers, navy blue
7,25 8,62
Pilot´s coffee mug with Glasflügel-logo and glider-type.
More information find You here

(Please give the glider-type to

Set-Price (all 12 coffee mugs)


  + postage and packing

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