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12-16 of June 2019
airfield Bad Saulgau



H101 Salto


Glasflügel Cup 2019

After the overwhelming feedback regarding the Glasflügel meeting in 2016 it is planned to have a gathering again this year. Starting on June 12 until June 16, 2019 we will come together in Bad Saulgau to fly together, to share recollections and experiences and - may be - to get some news.  For all of you not yet registered, here is the webpage of the organizers: www.glasfluegel.net

Hanko, Christian and your Streifly-team


New fun in old plastic gliders

According to this motto for the second time a competition for old club-class gliders was held in Australia. By the rule change for the club-class by the IGC most of the relatively inexpensive gliders were culled out of competition flying. To reestablish a competition platform for these gliders the team around Nick Gilbert and Adam L’Anson has created a Grand Prix with the handicap 1.0.

This was the starting point for Formular 1.0 GP which became instantly the most popular gliding contest on the fifth continent. The tracking system, which was developed especially and the contest software gave for the first time an overview of the standings at all times during the race, much to the exaltation of the spectators and crews. Last year 26 gliders competed in two groups which were mixed through depending on the performance of the day. Due to the great demand this year 39 competitors were admitted in three groups (10 Std. Libelles and 4 Hornets, aside LS1, DG100, Jantar and Cirrus). As the starts for the groups were separated there were no huge gaggles and a fair result was possible without huge efforts. Average speeds topped 136 km/h although water ballast was not permitted and so it was exiting to follow the race.


Ingo Renner was engaged for patronage and handed over the prices on final day:

1.       Ben Loxton                         Std. Cirrus

2.       Lumpy Paterson                 Std. Cirrus

3.       Andrew Maddocks            Hornet

This outstanding event came to our attention as well. As it is a platform to prove the performance for older gliders like the ones from Glasflügel, we were happy to support the event as sponsor and as competitor. Recommendable!

August, 2018

Status Report on the Electro-Libelle

 Having flown the aircraft on 18 flights during average weather conditions with a temperature range from 25 to 36° Celsius we have not achieved a satisfying temperature of the engine controller unit.

Three weeks ago we have therefore decided to change to another controller providing higher performance.

The new controller was shipped immediately from the manufacturer and we were able to do the necessary modifications. Unfortunately, the size and weight of the controller made some modifications to the engine compartment necessary. These have been finalized in the meantime and we will continue with the tests. Of course, we will report on the progress in due time.  

 June, 2018     electro-Libelle

In the meantime, we have been able to do more than 10 self-launching with our electro-Libelle and have several hours of engine time in the air. Numerous data were collected, which we evaluate for the optimization and approval of the system. So we are currently still not satisfied with the cooling capacity at the motor controller, because the power has to be reduced after just a few minutes. 





 Here are a few more details about our eLibelle:




20 kW cont.

Propeller diameter

1,24 m


in the wing


6,2 kWh


~45 kg


Congratulation to Fa. Shempp-Hirth
to maiden flight of the 15 m version of the Ventus 3!

On the 9th April the Std.Libelle 201 BE with the registration D-KLIB performed the first selflaunch.

More than 50 years after the maiden flight of the Std Libelle a new chapter of the Glasflügel history has been opened with a new development .

On the 9th April the Std.Libelle 201 BE with the registration D-KLIB performed the first selflaunch. The system uses an electric motor with 20 KW driving a two bladed propeller with 1,25 m diameter. For the team Hansjörg and Christian Streifeneder it was an important milestone towards the certification of the system after 24 month of work. The layout of the concept was part of bachelor degree in aeronautics of Peter Speidel which makes him a key person of this project.

The weight of the “Electric Libelle“ is similar to a Std. Libelle 201b with water ballast and the stall speeds are only slightly higher than an unballasted Std Libelle. On take off the climb with 2,5 to 3,0 m/s is very good and proved the calculations . The noise and vibration are a lot less compared to the normal combustion engines. The battery capacity provides a motor run time of up to one hour.

For the next few months the flight test program and certification process will be done and we will continue with more information soon.


50 Years Standard-Libelle Glasflügel




Dear Friends of Glasflügel!

There are many lovely calendars for 2018, but this one is something very special:

The Classic-Glasflügel-Kalender 2018 impresses with its historical photographs and will accompany you all year long – in your living room, office or hangar.

Discover 13 exclusive b&w images by well known photographers like Udo H. Wolter and Peter F. Selinger!

High-quality printed b&w wall calendar  A3 landscape format, spiral binding, one calendar page per month and calendar table under images, transport-safe packaging.

  12-14th August 2016.   It was a unique Glasflügel FlyIn at genial weather  at the airfield in Saulgau (EDTU).

   More than 200 participants were able to be there and visited with their Libellen H-301, BS-1, Std.Libellen, Kestrels, G-604, Club Libellen, Hornets, Mosquitos, Glasflügel 304 und Falcon the birthplace of their gliders.

Five tow planes moved tirelessly the beautiful sailplanes  in the air and the glider pilots were able to enjoy flying over the "home and the nice country side of Swabia.



1st of July 2016

We proudly announce a new generation Mylar seals

With the Mylar tapes and sealing kits we provided our customers an easy possibility to improve the performance and handling characteristics of their aircraft.

These options we developed and improved now for over 30 years to meet the requirements of the market and technology to set new standards. And now we proceed this tradition with our new super white Mylar which matches perfectly the color of gliders and motor gliders with as well as the advantage of better bonding.

Test our new super white Mylar !

No question you will still get the standard seals parallel as you are used to in our premium quality.



29th of January 2016, Maiden Flight


    Congratulation to the team of Schempp-Hirth

                     for the maiden flight of the new Ventus 3.

    We wish you great success with the glider

    and we are pleased that we were able to contribute

      our part for this great new design.

30th anniversary of Glasfaser Flugzeug-Service located in Grabenstetten

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary located in Grabenstetten it was a great pleasure to welcome friends, companions, favorors, buisness partners, fly buddies and our staff including their families. On 21st November 2015 they came from the United States, Canada, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and from all over Germany to celebrate this anniversary with us.
One of the highlights of the day was the opening of a small „Glasflügel gallery“. The idea of a meeting place within a „historical“ environment arose a couple of months before when we were forced to renovate the adjoining building due to a grave water damage. The result is a small museum displaying exhibits and technical documents as well as a meeting area.

Special thanks go to all helping hands, consultants and decorators as well as our staff. Since anniversaries like this stand and fall with the catering, we made a good catch by choosing Hahn Catering.

It was a day of encounters and interesting talks and company directors of several aircraft manufacturers, constructors, suppliers, consultants, former employees and many friends were present.


The senior partner warmly welcomed the guests with a brief review and outlook and opened the museum which displays the history of Glasflügel as well as the transition into Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH in 1982. He highly appreciated his family without whom those development wouldn’t be possible. Finally, he wished all guests a great and interesting time in Grabenstetten.

Following the banquet, all guests were able to have a look at the company premises or ask detailed questions. After enjoying coffee and cake the day slowly got to its end since some of our guests had a long way home and the first snow started to fall.

We are sure, our guests enjoyed this day as well as we did. Once again, we want to thank all our guests for their attendence, the lovely gifts and this successful day. Thanks a lot!

21 July 2009 Nimeta project – the world’s largest single-seated motor glider.

After 2 years development and construction the time has come: The maiden flight of the currently largest single-seated motor glider took place on 21 July 2009.

The ordering party Bruno Gantenbrink (YY) insisted to make the first flight of this project initiated and financed by his own.

Nimeta is a motor glider with a strongly modified fuselage and elevator Nimbus 4 as well as Eta wings.

With this project we realized Bruno Gantenbrink’s dream of a single-seated Eta. The challenge of this project consisted in uniting the two motor glider types due to the entirely different mechanics of wings and fuselage. Furthermore, we have redesigned the fillet wing fuselage and enlarged the fin by 20 percent.

The engine system has been completely adopted from Ventus/Nimbus and has been set by SHK.

After the today’s two hours maiden flight Bruno Gantenbrink was highly pleased with the quality of his new airplane.

We wish Bruno many successful flights!


07/2009 Libelle pilots succeeded nationally and internationally.

We congratulate Tobias Welsch on winning the German Club Class Championship in Winzeln. Tobias placed first just ahead of Arndt Hovestadt, Jens Becker and Christian Lang - all on Standard Libelle.

This result represents the ongoing great popularity of Standard Libelle. After all, 12 of the 41 participants competed on the type Standard Libelle.

Furthermore, we congratulate Volker Sailer (Standard Libelle 203) on placing first at FIA World Junior Gliding Championship in Club Class.

03/2009 Varnishing Edge 540

The last weeks we have been quite busy with modifying and varnishing Matthias Dolderer’s Edge 540 whereby he will compete in the Red Bull Air Race from this year on. At the official roll-out in Tannheim on Saturday, March 21, he gave the present company an idea about the performance of this plane. We wish Matthias Dolderer and his team a successful and safe season.


03/2009 New home for BL-Formation

From this year forward the BL-formation has found its new home in Tannheim. Next to accommodate the BLs, the newly-built Hangar 4 enables us to expand our maintenance business to planes until 2t. The pilot-friendly and positive environment allows continuing the further developments of our activities. Details to follow shortly here.


3rd International Standard Libelle H201 Cup

From 4-13 July 2009 there will take place for the third time a Standard Libelle contest at Aero-Club dŽIssoudun (LFEK). For more information and registration please click  here


libellecup.jpg (33782 Byte)

The First U.S. Libelle Gathering - July 3-7, 2009, Reno, Nevada

From 3-7 July 2009 there will take place for the first U.S. Libelle Gathering at Reno, Nevada. For more information and registration please click  here

Glasflügel Meeting 2008


From 8-10 August 2008 the annual Glasflügel meeting will take place in Ottengrüner Heide. For further information and registration see www.edqo.de

glasfluegel-treffen2008.jpg (51730 Byte)

March 2008 - New Website

Our newly designed website is online now!With our new site we want to inform you more comprehensively about our services and performance.Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Please note:Our email address has changed. You are able to contact us via email at info(at)streifly.de


February 2008 - ETA Tuning

Currently we prepare Hans-Werner Grosses' ETA glider (works number 1) for the new gliding season. Besides the usual maintenance and polishing works we will carry out some small aerodynamical refinements.

eta-gierspoiler-1-k.jpg (26145 Byte)In addition, the last year constructed yaw spoiler in the new outer wing with Maughmer winglet has been revised and newly set. This yaw spoiler works based on the principle of the top and bottom surface Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes. The yaw spoiler is electric powered and supports the too little effect of the yaw rudder. After testing for almost one year Hans-Werner Grosse is highly pleased with the renewed support of the yaw rudder and which he would not want to miss.


WalliserChristian.jpg (20535 Byte)Christian Walliser successfully passed his journeyman examination

On 31 January 2008, Christian Walliser successfully passed his journeyman examination.
Our congratulation!

Since September 2005, Christian Walliser from Pfullingen has been trained by our company as a light aircraft constructor. Himself glider pilot at aviation club Reutlingen, Christian passed a carpenter examination before. By training as a light aircraft constructor his childhood dream came true


extra 300sr-k.jpg (28790 Byte)Wing molds for Extra EA300 SR

Besides several other molds in 2007 we produced the wing molds for Walter Extras' newest aircraft namely Extra EA300 SR. This aircraft, especially produced for the motor sports competition Red Bull Air Race, originates from the single-seated EA 300 S. However, the wings have been a complete new construction. Using our milling technology we were able to produce the negative molds for wings, spar, fins and aileron within a few weeks. The high-precision molds guarantee to keep the aerodynamical basic layout as well as to reduce the weight through its high accuracy of fit. That all that effort pays off has been well demonstrated by Nicolas Ivanoff at the last race in 2007 in Perth.


concordia1-k.jpg (50610 Byte)Wing molds for Concordia project

As already mentioned in several journals, we are also involved in the Concordia project. Accordingly, the complete wing molds have been produced on our milling machine. After putting together and surface sealing the molds were shipped to Dick Butler to Tennessee. In the meantime the wing frames have been made over there. At the moment the spar bars are being produced.

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