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The History of Glasfaser Flugzeug-Service GmbH

History and highlights of our company:
Extract: ·

  • 1982 foundation of the aeronautical engineering company Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH in the former factory floors of Glasflügel in Schlattstall
  • 1985 relocation to the new factory floors in Grabenstetten ·
  • 1998 expansion of factory floors 

Supply and service for gliders and motor gliders in fiber-reinforced plastic material construction:

  • service/ maintenance / repair ·
  • spare parts for aircrafts ·
  • major overhaul / new vanishing ·
  • innovative production process (infiltrations / injection method) ·
  • large-scale component parts ·
  • polyurethan molds for Alexander Schleicher, DG-Flugzeugbau, Rolladen-Schneider, Schempp-Hirth and others ·
  • wind tunnel models ·
  • wings for the 31m wingspan glider eta-prototyp

Subcontracting to industry and aircraft business in fiber-reinforced plastic material construction:

  • robot arms ·
  • airplane outboard box for the installation of a measuring instrument ·
  • car body units for automobile prototype BMW Z1 
  • wing glove for aerodynamical research in free flight ·
  • wind tunnel models for wings and bodies of airplanes and wind energy rotor blades ·
  • negative and positive molds for FVK component parts ·
  • mold kit for a complete airplane

Our own projects: ·

  • development and production of 3-D-Turbulator and control gap sealing systems for gliders, motor gliders, airplanes, model gliders and wind energy rotor blades ·
  • development of new manufacturing technologies ·
  • winglets and fuselage-to-wing fairings for Glasflügel gliders ·
  • development and construction of the high-performance standard-class glider "Albatros"
  • development, testing, sales and marketing of parachute recovery systems for gliders and ultra light aircrafts


Glasfaser-Flugzeug-Service GmbH
Hansjörg Streifeneder
Hofener Weg 61
D-72582 Grabenstetten
FON +49 (0)7382 / 1032   
FAX +49 (0)7382 / 162

Approval according to
EASA  PART 21    DE.21G.0080
EASA PART 145   DE.145.0100