LBA AD Number TN Number Subject Urgency Download Link
1/68 Inspection of swivel bearing on elevator bellcrank
SN 13 up to and incl. SN25
1/69 Retro-fitting a retractable undercarriage,
SN 1 up to, and incl. SN 35
201-1 Hard core foam in wing shell instead of balsa wood,
Standard SN 111 and up
Deutsch English
201-2 Airbrakes on lower surface omitted, improvement of airbrakes on upper wing surface.  Standard SN 120 and up Deutsch English
201-3 Balsa wood in ailerons omitted
Standard SN 113 and up
Deutsch English
201-4 Balsa wood in rudder omitted:
Standard SN 160 and up
Deutsch English
201-5 Modified airfoil for horizontal tailplane, hard core foam in fin, balsa wood in elevator omitted
Standard SN 182 and up
Deutsch English
74-323/2 201-6 Inspection of the rudder cables in the area of the S-shaped guides.  Replace if damage is found Every 100 hours or Annually (whichever comes first) Deutsch English
201-7 Installation of an anti-collision-light-Optional- Deutsch
201-8 Application of anti-collision-markings in various colour tones. Supersedes TN 201-8 dated 01.05.71 allowing one colour only 1/7/1971 Deutsch
201-9 Use of a different glass cloth for the Ishear webs Standard SN 305 and up Deutsch
201-10 Conversion into model “Std. Libelle 201 featuring waterballast system. the flight manual and of ASI colour code SN 1 up to incl. SN 321 optional Deutsch English
201-11 Conversion into model “Std. Libelle 201 featuring waterballast system. New flight manual, amendment of the ASI colour code. SN 1 up to incl. SN 321 optional,
Standard SN 322 and up
Deutsch English
201-12 Installation of a waterballast system into model “Std. Libelle 201 B”. Optional after accomplishment of TN 201-11 Deutsch English
201-13 Modification of front tailplane attachment fitting
Optional from SN 13 and up,
Standard on SN 350 and up
Deutsch English
201-14 Tail boom reinforced: Standard on SN 351 and up Deutsch English
73-80 201-15 Reinforcement on GFRP main wheel housing
SN 1up to and icncl. SN392 and 398
Annual Inspection 1974 Deutsch English
201-16 Stronger control cables and cable conduits.
After application TN 201-6 becomes invalid
Every 100 hours Deutsch English
201-17 Not published
201-18 Not published
201-19 Modification of airbrake actuating torque tube
Standard on SN 521 and up
Deutsch English
75-168 201-20 Reinforcement of guide plates on elevator actuating bracket, all SN Before 29/2/1976 Deutsch English
201-21 Modified airfoil on horizontal tailplane SN 16 Deutsch
80-207 201-22 Elevator actuating bracket on lower end of control stick SN 1 up to and including SN 476 Before 1/11/1980 Deutsch English
201-23 Retro-fitting a clg tow release, Optional Deutsch
83-207 201-24 Extension of service life limit to 6000 hours Until 31/3/1984 when reaching 3000 hours Deutsch English
84-11 201-25 Possible damage of wing structure with water ballast bags installed. Revision of flight manual Before 1/5/1984 Deutsch English
87-83 201-26 Replacement of “DIN” control cables by “LN” cables Before 1/8/1987 Deutsch English
201-27 Elevator drive bracket: Possibility of replacement by elevator drive bracket acc. to drawing No. 201-33-4 Deutsch English
201-28 Tow releases: Optional use of model E85 instead of E72/E75 Deutsch English
94-265 201-29 Extension of service life limit to 12000 hours Before 1/10/1984/when reaching 6000 hours Deutsch English
201-30 Optional use of winglets Deutsch English
96-131 201-31 Inspection of glass fibre laminate on spar stub fitting Annually Deutsch English
96-137 201-32 Weights and moments of control surfaces after repair or painting Before 31/3/1996 Deutsch English
96-116 201-33 Inspection/replacement of aileron drive shaft Before 31/12/1996 Deutsch English
201-34 Aerodynamic improvement Deutsch English
2005-118 201-35 Rudder gimbal drive – rear actuator arm Before 31/7/2005 Deutsch English
201-36 Replacement of airbrake drive gear inside wing, optional Deutsch English
201-37 Installation of Mode-S-Transponder and Transponder Antennas Deutsch English
Transponder antenna installation kit Deutsch
201-38 Spar stub fitting Deutsch English
201-39 Aerodynamic improvement SN 499 only
EASA AD 2011-213 201-40 Inspection / replacement of elevator control rod in vertical fin (SN 169 & Std. Libelle 203 SN 1  &2 only) 30 days, Before 31/12/2012 Deutsch English
201-40 Authorised service facilities for TN 201-40 Deutsch
201-41 Optional installation of a 4-inch-wheel with a hydraulic disc brake-system English
201-42 Optional installation of new winglets Deutsch English
201-43 Optional installation of a new backrest with integrated headrest Deutsch English