LBA AD Number TN Number Subject Urgency Download Link
401-1 Hard core foam in wing instead of balsa wood SN 28 & up Deutsch English
401-2 Airbrakes on lower wing surface omitted, brakes on upper wing surface enlarged, SN 25 and up Deutsch English
401-3 Aileron construction without balsa wood SN 33 and up Deutsch English
401-4 Improved canopy lock SN 22, 23, 24 and 25 Deutsch English
401-5 Tilt-up canopy (center section) with bolt-on GFRP aft section Standard on SN 26 and up Deutsch English
401-6 Installation of wing fuselage fillets Standard on SN 26 and up Deutsch English
401-7 Installation of aileron/flap superimposing linkage Standard on SN 26 and up Deutsch English
401-8 Improved airfoil section for horizontal tailplane, anti-flettner tab, trim spring Standard on SN 28 and up Deutsch English
401-9 Hard core foam instead of balsa wood, Standard on SN 28 and up Deutsch English
74-323/2 401-10 Inspection of rudder cabbIes in the area of the S-shaped guides on the rudder pedals, replacement if damage is discovered, all SN Every 100 hours or annually (whichever comes first) Deutsch English
401-11/2 Anti collision markings – various colour Supersedes TN No. 401-11, all SN Before 1/7/1971 Deutsch
401-12 Different glass cloth for shear web: See drawing No. 401-52-5, Note 1 for alterations Deutsch
401-13 Different glass cloth for shear web: See drawing No. 401-52-5, Note 1 for alterations Deutsch
401-14 Reinforced spar stubs and reinforced stub fittings, Standard on SN 101 and up Deutsch
401-15 Modification of the torque tube actuating the airbrakes: Standard on SN 96 and up Deutsch English
79-233 401-16 Airbrake actuating system inside the wing: Replacementof the rod ends and control for cracks Before 15/6/1979 then annually Deutsch English
81-266 401-17 Increase of the service life limit to 6000 h All SN Before 3000 hours, 31/3/1982 at latest Deutsch English
84-266 401-18 Possible damage of wing structure with water ballast bags installed. Revision of flight manual. Before 1/5/1984 Deutsch English
86-221 401-19 Rudder-yoke Replacement of the yoke Before 31/3/1987 Deutsch English
87-83 401-20 Replacement of “DIN” control cables by “LN” cables Before 31/7/1987, then every 500 hours Deutsch English
401-21 Elevator drive bracket: Possibility of replacement by elevator drive bracket acc. to drawing No. 201-33-4 Deutsch English
401-22 Tow releases: Optional use of model E85 instead of E72/E75 Deutsch English
401-23 Modification to single-piece tilt-up canopy by Glasfaser-Flugzeug- Service Deutsch English
96-133 401-24 Inspection of glass fiber laminate on spar stub fitting Annually Deutsch English
96-139 401-25 Control surface weight and static balance Before 31/3/1996 Deutsch English
02-051 401-26 Possible cracks on airbrakes actuation shaft Before 31/3/2002 Deutsch English
401-27 Replacement of airbrake drive gear inside wing, optional Deutsch English
401-28 Extension of service life limit to 12000 hours, all SN Before 31/3/2006 and before reaching 6000 hrs Deutsch English
401-28 Manual Deutsch English
401-29 Installation of Mode-S-Transponder and Transponder Antennas Deutsch English
EASA AD 2011-213 401-30 Inspection / replacement of elevator control rod in vertical fin 30 days, before 31/12/2012 Deutsch English
401-30 Authorised service facilities for TN 401-30 Deutsch
2018-0143-E 5-2018 Deflector-angles at the C.G. release
Usage of connection ring pair meeting LN 65091
Annual Inspection Deutsch English
401-31 Installation of backrest with integrated headrest English