LBA AD Number TN Number Subject Urgency Download Link
501-1 Wear of rudder control cables in the area of S-shaped guides of rudder pedals Deutsch
501-01-2 Color coding scheme: affixing of different/additional colors. German registered sailplanes Deutsch
501-2 Elevator linkage at base of the control stick Latest 31/12/1980 Deutsch English
501-3 Replacement of rudder drive gimbal rear actuator arm Latest 31/3/1987 Deutsch English
501-4 Replacement of “DIN” control cables with “LN” cables Latest 1/6/1987 Deutsch English
501-5 Modification of Airspeed indcator limits. Reduction to VNE 200Km/h /108Kt/124mph Deutsch English
501-6 Tow releases: Optional use of model E85 instead of E72/E75 Deutsch English
96-134 501-7 Inspection of glass fiber laminate on spar stub fitting Deutsch English
96-140 501-8 Weight and static moments of control surfaces after repainting and repair Deutsch English
501-9 Installation of Mode-S-Transponder and Transponder Antennas Deutsch English
EASA AD 2011-213 501-10 Inspection / replacement of elevator control rod in vertical fin Deutsch English
501-10 Authorised service facilities for TN 501-10 Deutsch