For all type certificate, spare parts, upgrades and maintenance service for all Glasflügel gliders around the world.

Gliders & Motor Gliders

Annual inspection, repair of gliders and motor gliders from all manufacturers.

Streifeneder Tapes

Aerodynamic improvement with supply of Mylar and Tubulator Tapes, both proudly developed by Streifeneder.

Powered Aircraft

  • Restoring, major overhaul, repair and service of aircraft with fiber-reinforced plastic, wood and composite construction.
  • Specialist for PA-18/J3C/L4 and PA-25.
  • Customized construction / prototype construction.
  • Manufacturing composite prototypes.
  • Profile models for wind tunnel measurements and free flight tests.

CAD / CAM / CNC Technologies

Design and manufacturing of moulds for high quality composite parts. This technology enables us to produce moulds for aviation, as well as models for wind tunnels in a cost and time effective manner.