Bravo Lima Formation

If you are looking for something special for your event, we can help!

Depending on your occasion, a personalised banner suitable for the day or a sponsor’s advertising banner in a formation of three is available.

The standard show includes the “air circus”, a performance with changes of formation and flight maneuvers in a very small space. This is followed by “balloon jousting”, a hunt for rising balloons. If the runway is wide enough, the final landing is in a tight formation.  The total duration of this program is 20 minutes.  We can also tailor a show to your event!

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The BRAVO-LIMA-FORMATION was based on the BURDA Formation (Burda-Wikipedia).

The Burda squadron performed from 1954 to 1973 and was one of the most popular events in the German post-war sky.

The aircraft formation consisting of three Piper PA-18 Super Cubs performed on air days, dropping candies and parachutists, performing formation flights, towing banners with the slogan “Lest Bild und Funk” among other things.

Hanko is pictured holding the plane.

BURDA was written in large letters on both sides of the fuselage and on the wings and thus made unique advertising for the Offenburg publishing house. The legendary landings on the frozen Titisee or high up on the Zugspitze plateau were sensational.

The Burda squadron thrilled the audience at numerous flight days in Germany and abroad with its spectacular program: the squadron showed – apart from the association flight and the banner hoisting – the sail towing, the air circus with colored smoke cartridges and the balloon ramming, which is particularly popular with spectators.

The Pilots
Lead Pilot:Melanie Horn
Lead Pilot:Verena Doldera
Right Wingman:Christian Streifeneder
Left Wingman:Hanko Streifeneder

Type:Piper Super Cub PA18-150
Year Built:1980
Serial Number:18-8009024
Weight:794 kilograms
Total Hours:3500 (approximately)
Total Landings:4300 (approximately)
Previous Registration:N63928
Type:Piper Super Cub PA18-135
Year Built:1955
Serial Number:18-3944
Weight:794 kilograms
Total Hours:2500 (approximately)
Total Landings:2840 (approximately)
Previous Registration:54-2544, MM54-2544, I-EIQS, EI-245 and D-EBKP
Type:Piper Super Cub PA18-150
Year Built:1957
Serial Number:18-5664
Weight:794 kilograms
Total Hours:8300 (approximately)
Total Landings:8360 (approximately)
Previous Registration:N7196D, D-ECEQ, OE-ADH, D-EDAP & OE-CDP