Libelle H 301 (Open Libelle)

The H 301 Libelle descends from the H 30 TS, which was also designed by Wolfgang Hütter from the H 30, and built by Allgaier in Uhingen near Göppingen. The H 30 TS was originally designed as a motor glider with a BMW turbine of 40 kp thrust, first had a V-tail, and later got the Libelle-like fuselage. The wing had a profile developed by Wolfgang Hütter and a spar made of aluminium profiles.

The H 301 Libelle has the slightly modified wing of the H 30 TS with a wingspan of 15 m and a new fuselage.  Swiss glider pilot and friend of Wolfgang Hütter, Eugen Aeberli made the first order and invested in the initial industrial production of the Libelle. He and Wolfgang Hütter were pleased to find Eugen Hänle, who wanted to build the aircraft in series. After revision of the design by Hänle, the prototype was created in 1963/64 with a spar made of fibreglass rovings according to the HH process.

Eugen Hänle carried out the Official maiden flight on 6 March 1964 on the Hahnweide.  After the prototype, the tailplane and spar connection was redesigned.

By 1969, a total of 108 H 301 Libelles were built, half of which went to the USA. Aircraft with two hoods of different sizes, which are mounted depending on the size of the pilot, also went mainly to America.

In the years 1966/67 13 sets of H 301 Libelle wings for the HBV diamond were delivered to the company FFA in Altenrhein on Lake Constance.


Wingspan                         15.00 m
Surface Area                    9.73 m²
Aspect Ratio                    23.60
Profile                               Hütter
Length                              6.20 m


Empty Weight                                  180 kg
Maximum Cockpit Weight             120 kg
Maximum Gross Weight                300 kg
Maximum Wing Loading               31.6 kg/m²

Maximum Speed                              200 km/h
Stall Speed                                         65 km/h

Minimum sink at  75 km/h              0,55 m/s
Best Glide at 95 km/h                      39

Practice Flight 5/3/1964 and First Official Flight 6/3/1964 by Eugen Hänle at The Hahnweide

First Flight by the owner, Eugen Aeberli at The Hahnweide, 7/3/1964