H 30

The H 30 GRP goes back to a design by Wolfgang Hütter, who had already designed the wooden aircraft H 30 in 1948 in Nonnenhorn on Lake Constance. At the end of the fifties, Eugen and Ursula Hänle built the H 30 GRP mostly in their apartment in Schlattstall.

For the first time, a spar made of GRP rovings was used. The wing still has balsa ribs and a planking of balsa was reinforced with fiberglass. The rear part of the wing and the ailerons are covered with fabric. The empty weight of 120 kg and the maximum flight weight of 210 kg are remarkable.

With a wingspan of 13.6 m, it has remained a unique piece but at first glance, you could confuse it with the Salto of Start + Flug. The H 30 GRP has Schempp-Hirth brake flaps and to start with had a fuselage with a skid.  Later, this was changed to a retractable undercarriage.  Althought it looks similar to a Salto, it was a completely new construction.

Rudi Linder carried out the maiden flight on 5 May at the Hahnweide.  The H 30 GRP was lovingly restored in 1989 and is still flying today in Canada.


Wingspan                         13.60 m
Surface Area                    8.34 m²
Aspect Ratio                    22.40
Profile                               Hütter-Eigenentwicklung
Length                              5.56 m


Empty Weight                                  124 kg
Maximum Cockpit Weight             86 kg
Maximum Gross Weight                210 kg

Maximum Speed                              140 km/h
Stall Speed                                         65 km/h

Minimum sink at  65 km/h              0.64 m/s
Best Glide at 85 km/h                      30.4