Frequently Asked Questions

Glasflügel Service & Maintenance

  • How long does an ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificates, commonly known as an Annual) take?

    There is no set time. If everything is in order and no maintenance is required, the average is 3.5 to 5 hours. Motorgliders and Aircraft (motorised) take around double the time, but it’s harder to estimate as there are large variations.

  • How long will a 3000 hourly inspection take?

    To complete the inspection list takes around 25 to 30 hours. No estimate can be given to resolve the list made during the inspection as there are many factors that will determine the time such as damage to repair, previous maintenance to complete or correct. It is very unlikely that completing the inspection will find no issues. It is important that the inspector completes this task carefully and thoroughly so the next step is carried out properly and to ensure the ongoing safety of the glider.

  • How can I get a 3000 hourly schedule for my Glasflügel glider?

    The 3000 hourly Technical Note with the schedule can be requested from us can be carried out in any workshop (including ours) with the appropriate authorization. The test program has an issue date which should not exceed 3 months until the completion of the test, so don’t order the program too early. Please contact us with your serial number for pricing.

  • How do I remove an an aileron?

    Please use an authorised repairer for this task.

  • Is it a problem if the main pin is bent?

    If bent, the main pin must be replaced before the glider is flown.

    It occurs from overload and must be replaced. It is hollow so it can bend with overloading to protect the structure from damage. Also, the bushings will need to be checked.

  • Does my Glasflügel glider have a maintenance manual?

    A maintenance manual is included in the flight manual but we are working on a more comprehensive one which will include a part catalogue.  There will be a still to be determined cost for the new manual.

  • How much play can my control surfaces have?

    Although this is not specified in the service manual for the Kestrel or Libelle, but there should be no play due to the risk of flutter.  More information on other gliders to be included shortly.

  • What could be causing my wing to have play?

    This must be investigated before the glider is flown, we aim for no play.

    The main causes are:

    • The main pin bushing is rubbed out
    • The main pin bushing is loose
    • The main bolt is bent
  • How do I replace the CPR mounting bracket (Tailplane)?

    There are two different sizes of bolts, M6 and M7, so you will need to check which one you have and replace it with the same. To hold the bolt in the tailplane, there is a GRP bushing on the top side which must be removed so the bolt including the spring can be taken out. Reinstall spring and bolt then glue the new bushing back in place.

  • What is the tolerance for wear on fuselage spitots (Standard Libelle, Club Libelle & Kestral)?

    It is a bit hard to see but some of the wear comes when the inner ring of the bearing moves too much and it is trying to align on the spigot pin. The wear is not critical when it is not on the area where the bearing will end up when the glider is rigged. To avoid more wear the tilting has to be limited again to 2 to 3 ° with a washer behind the bearing.

  • Should there be an internal seal on the aileron?

    We decided not to have additional internal seals so it is easier to take control surfaces off without destroying all the sealings.

  • How do I install a Flap Torque Tube?
    1. Disconnect the pushrod from the lever.
    2. Remove the GRP angles that hold down the flap connecting bar in position.
    3. Remove the 2 clamps from the tube.
    4. Move the flap connecting bar to the right side until you can swing down the left side and pull out the flap bar to the front.  If there are 2 bungees on each side you must remove them when moving, the flap bar at first to one side and then to the other side.
    5. Put the new flap connecting bar in the fuselage, put the claw on the flap bar and rig the wing. Set the flaps with a template on the O position and fix the claw with less glue. After curing, remove the flap bar and weld the claw on the flap bar. Paint this are with a primer and then with PU paint RAL 7003.
    6. Install the flap bar in the opposite sequence as you removed it.

Libelle Modifications

  • How can I change my Standard Libelle to a 201B and what is the difference?

    Technical Note 201 – 10 & 11 must be completed.
    Installation of water ballast is possible, a new Flight & Maintenance Manual will apply. There are also difference markings on the ASI and different data sheet and plates for speed in the cockpit.

  • How long does it take to install winglets?

    The average time we take to install a set of winglets is around 30 hours.

  • How long does it take to install a Fuselage to Wing Fairing kit?

    The average time we take to install a set of fuselage to wing fairing kit is around 42.5 hours.

Streifeneder Tapes

  • Do I need to order Mylar Tape with or without self adhesive film?

    With adhesive (full or partial set) – the tape is already cut to the right width and length for each section and is an efficient way to not have leftovers.
    Without adhesive – we provide rolls for you to use as you wish.
    You will receive detailed instructions for fitting with your kit. The installation is not always straight forward, and is designed to be installed by a professional glider repairer rather than for at home use. We can also install these in our workshop and can provide a quote if required. If you prefer to install the tapes by yourself, we cannot accept any liability for incorrect installation and claims for further damages are excluded.

  • Information for the Installation of Streifeneder Tapes
  • What does "pre-stressed" mean?

    When we say “pre stressed” we mean that the Mylar has to be applied with tension. The best way is to have two people, and starting on one side, sticking the Mylar to the wing and the second person is pulling with about 5 kg in the right direction. At the same time, the other person is removing the red protection film in small steps and applying it to the wing.

  • How long is cure time, and which tapes have a cure time?

    When installing the Mylar on one side, we try to leave the deflection for the day and do the other side on the next day so the self-adhesive tape can settle.  Make sure the surfaces and the tapes have room temperature of between 20 to 25 °C and clean the surface with alcohol.

  • How much is a Streifeneder Sealing Kit for my glider?

    Prices for our sealing kits can be found in the shop.  If you can’t see your glider on the list, please contact us.

  • What is the difference between Standard and SuperWhite tape?

    The Standard is more of an antique white that matches most glider finishes.  The SuperWhite is a bright white and is a close match to gliders with polyurethane paint.

Information for All Gliders

  • Can you make water bags for LS or DG gliders?

    If you have a care contract with DG, we can make these water bags with a Form 1. Please specify W/N and aircraft type.

  • Can you copy a water bag?

    No, with a sample bag, we can’t be assured which glider this is for and can’t issue a test certificate.

    Keep in mind that Default option means that the settings from the options panel of Osmosis will occur.

  • Why are your parts more expensive than similar ones I see elsewhere?

    When you buy a part from us, we guarantee that it is a genuine part for your glider. This includes the certification we must go through with authorities which is very time consuming and expensive. Many of our parts are made in house and although you might find a cheaper alternative, it won’t be the same.

Customer Service & Miscellaneous

  • Where did the "Streifly" name come from?

    When we first tried to register our domain name, there was a limit on letters (from memory, 8) and Streifeneder was well beyond the limit.

  • How long will my order take to ship?

    We aim to ship orders within a week.  This may be delayed if we have to custom make part of your order, such as a Sealing Kit or if we have items on backorder.  Unless requested, we will send the order in one shipment.  We will contact you if your order will take longer than a week to ship.

  • Will I get a tracking number?

    We will email you the tracking number once your order has shipped.

  • When does Customs get involved?

    If your international order is over €1000, Customs must be consulted and we take the package for inpsection at their office.  This will be quoted for separately.

  • Can I pay as soon as I have my order confirmation?

    Please wait until we have produced an invoice so the right amount is paid.

  • How do I pay you?
    • Payment with IBAN and SWIFT-Code (IBAN money transfer)
    • Direct Deposit (customer pays all additional costs)
    • For non-EU countries only: Via Paypal. Paypal will send a link for payment after we issue the invoice.