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Dear Glasflügelfriends!

You can find   video from Glasflügel FlyIn from F.Egerer under link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmXXHDcxmXE



Glasflügel FlyIn

at 12 -14th August 2016

Bad Saulgau, EDTU

has occurred


René Willlemsen and Dani Aeberli have  made videofilm from Glasflügel FlyIn

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12-14th August 2016.   We have witnessed a unique Glasflügel FlyIn at genial weather last weekend at the airfield in Saulgau (EDTU).

 More than 200 participants were able to be there and visited with their Libellen H-301, BS-1, Std.Libellen, Kestrels, G-604, Club Libellen, Hornets, Mosquitos, Glasflügel 304 und Falcon the birthplace of their gliders.

Five tow planes moved tirelessly the beautiful sailplanes  in the air and the glider pilots were able to enjoy flying over the "home and the nice country side of Swabia.

The boundless blue sky decorated with a few Cumulus clouds and good blue thermals attracted gliders, and they circled and slid away high in the pale blue and sailed into the distance. But dinner you rallied all again at the airfield - together "at home".

Only a good mood prevailed at the pilots. It was gefachsimpelt, narrated, laughed, and exchanged memories. All around, a very successful Glasflügel FlyIn 2016 thanks to the organization of H-P Mayer with his wife, Peter Knoll, Karljosef Kades and the pilot group of Saulgau.

 Saturday night was followed by a very well researched and interesting lecture of P.Selinger about the history of the development and use of plastics in the construction of aircraft.

 A short exchange of memory by former employees of Glasflügel was the grand finale of the evening. The designers were M.Hansen, K.Keim, J.Renner, T.Uoti, J.Prasser, leader H.Streifeneder, test lead H. Müller, former employees and inspector Albert Metzler, employees of staff W.Reitz, J.Rundel, also employees of staff start + Flight, O.Nusser, A. Güntert.

 Almost the entire family Aeberli-Bortoluzzi of the Switzerland has arrived to the meeting, whose grandfather gave the initial impetus to the series by Glasflügel Libelle and has always ensured that this spark is not void as possible.

Sunday morning started experience has never been there with a. Formation plane towing of the BL-Formation with 3 G-604 could be admired in the skies of Saulgau.

 Who had time, used like to rise the opportunity once again to remain bright holiday heaven.

The most widely travelled guest came from New Zealand/ England and Finland. The New Zealander Justin and Gillian Wills, who owners The Libelle Nr.100, spent two beautiful days in Saulgau. Justin is flown for the first time with G-604 on Saturday and with Falcon on  Sunday.


 We thank H-P Mayer, the pilot group of Saulgau, host of the airfield and all participants for this successful weekend.

Our Glasflügel-Gallerie gliders:

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